Vanessa & Kevin | Wedding – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Ive been working diligently to get this fabulous wedding up on the blog, I just couldn’t let them go unposted! I mean seriously, blue suede Wedding shoes!? (well not really, but they felt like it!)

Tampa Wedding Photographer, Theresa Marie's image of beautiful blue wedding shoes

The only way I could ever start this post is by telling the world how much I adore Vanessa and Kevin. Since they live in Palm Beach which is a 5 hour drive from Tampa, the last time we saw each other was back in July so I was SO excited to see them again! They were completely in the moment and remained laid back throughout the course of their rainy wedding day. I always seem to be blessed with fabulous and laid back clients who are absolutely beautiful from the inside out and for that I am extremely grateful. Okay, enough rambling…on to the images…

The afternoon of December 5th, 2009, Nicholas and I checked out of our hotel and it began POURING down rain on our way to the Pelican Grand in Ft. Lauderdale. You can imagine our delight as we walked into Vanessa’s room and the sun started pushing its way through the clouds to give Vanessa and Kevin just enough time to have their ceremony without a drop of rain. The day started with hair and make-up and me attempting to contain my squeals of delight over Vanessa’s fabulousness:

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Wedding Makeup Photography in Tampa

Meanwhile, my assistant photographer, Mike was right around the corner hanging out with the guys and taking some images as they were getting ready.

Wedding Makeup Photography in Tampa

Tampa Wedding Dress Photography

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The rain decided it was okay to show itself again, luckily we were moving fast enough to get finished with the wedding party and family photos. As we were walking back, I saw Kevin’s dear father holding the umbrella over her – it pulled at my heart then and it pulls at it even more now. Maybe Im just a sap. : )

Wedding Photography in Tampa and Florida regardless of a Rainy Wedding Day

Squeezing in some Bridal Portraits after the cermony, I could have taken portraits of her all day long. Who wouldn’t want to? That sweet smile you’re seeing begins on the inside.

You are a devastatingly beautiful woman, Vanessa.

Florida Wedding Photography

Favorite bride and groom images EVER.

Central Florida wedding photographers

I couldnt leave this one out. Oh my gosh.

Florida wedding photographers

I was so impressed during a late night text session with Vanessa, she told me that she did everything. All of these little details, the programs, the centerpieces-everything. She’s definitely a girl after my own crafty little heart. Their reception was GORGEOUS!

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I have to say that the staff at the Pelican Grand were so accommodating. They let us have free reign of the hotel and made sure we were taken care of. It wasnt even a question that we would take them up on their offer to shoot in the ice cream parlor! Hot meet cold.

Tampa Florida wedding photography

Vanessa and Kevin choreographed their first dance. All I can say is salsa + first dance + adorable couple = giddy photographer having trouble keeping the camera to her eye.

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But I got it. And I love it so.

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and I love them so.

Tampa Wedding Photographers

Now on to the photo-booth!

This was the first time we offered the photo-booth add-on and Vanessa and Kevin were on board! I never realized how much I would LOVE IT! Ill have more info later on how we do this and how you can have it at your event but for now just enjoy Vanessa and Kevin’s crazy awesome wedding party and guests:

Tampa Photobooth Rental

Click here for a crazy cool slideshow of all of the photo-booth images!

But First, while you are here, leave a comment on this post to help Vanessa and Kevin hang up a free print from their wedding on their wall! Really, it takes only a few moments!

(Read more details here.)

25 thoughts on “Vanessa & Kevin | Wedding – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

  1. Can you say….”BREATHTAKING!”?? First of all, Vanessa & Kevin look like they have been modeling for years! The photos are absolutely amazing! They look like they are straight out of a bridal magazine. I am SO impressed! Plus, the photo booth is the best idea I have seen in ages!! Great work! Congrats to the happy couple!!

  2. Amazing photos! It was a perfect wedding day and obvious how happy you two make each other. What a beautiful couple!

  3. Had the great honor of attending the wedding and though I knew it would be beautiful, I had no idea how much. Vanessa you are fabulous, the love was palpable everywhere…If you looked closely you could actually see it.

    Theresa Marie you and your staff are wonderful, love your eye for detail, you have chosen your profession wisely. I know you will enjoy much success in your business.

    Vanessa and Kevin, love yas! Great pics, the hard part is which to choose.

    …now I’m gonna order a print of our photo booth picture. Loved it!

  4. The photo booth is an awesome idea! And I Love EVERY single picture theresa takes, they are all amazing:)

  5. Wow your pictures are fabulous!!! You made a beautiful bride! I love the ice cream shop pix too, what a great spontaneous idea!

  6. Your pictures are absolutely AMAZING!!!! You both look great and the photo booth is out of this world!!! We had an awesome time.

  7. Looking at the photos is like living the moment all over again. They are fabulous!! So much fun!! Can we do it again??

  8. Totally awesome! Have you ever seen a more beautiful bride and groom? I can’t stop looking at the photos.
    Love them all…Laurie
    The photographer did a fabulous job capturing the best elelments of Vanessa’s special day.

  9. What an amazingly beautiful day! Vanessa, kudos to you for all the details you put together! Congrats to you both and good luck in the rest of your marriage. LOVE the photo booth thing!

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