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Project Life Tip: Including Social Media

On this 2011 album, I’ve been working between the current weeks and the past months. I’m making progress and now February is finished! It’s SO exciting seeing our year come together, I love that this is basically a time capsule and though all of this stuff seems so mundane right now, 20 years from now we will cherish these bits and pieces of our lives from the past.

Here is the full spread for February in review.

I am relying heavily on twitter and facebook updates to help me put these past months together. Its not too difficult, except for the fact that we didnt take many, if any photos at all. But thats okay, the stories matter too. Im so thankful for this project, looking at this photo-less month is really putting into perspective just how important this is. I feel like our lives would continue passing us by without any record or documentation.
Im also able to use up my ridiculous stash of random supplies. They are helping with the visual aspect of these photoless months.
This pocket has an email conversation that Nicholas and I had over facebook. It is really sweet and depicts just how crazy we are about each other so I had to save it. I was able to just click> File:Print to get a perfectly sized print out. I just trimmed it and put it in a pocket.

Check this out!¬†There is no good way of saving status updates from twitter or Facebook on the web by simply copy and pasting. And when you screen capture, it is so very small that you can’t read it when printed out. Then if you stretch it to make it bigger, it gets pixelated of course. SO, when you have something you want to save, zoom into your screen! You can do this on any computer, there should be an option in the menu of your browser, something like > View:Zoom in. On my mac I just press command and + to zoom in. Then I take a screen capture with a relly neat app called “skitch” and print it right out.

On my January spread I included twitter statuses that reminded me of how I started 2011 off with a serious cold. In the picture below, I am showing an example of the different size results in inches. The top set is how big they would be if I just screen captured and printed them out. The result is not very easy to read, we’ll especially have difficulty trying to read it when we are old and gray! The set on the bottom is how big they are after Ive zoomed in on my web browser 4x. (meaning I clicked zoom in 4 times on my web browser.) Try it out! Unfortunately I didn’t realize this until after I had already printed these out for January. But now you know! : )

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Rebekah - Wow, you’re doing great catching up! What fun, eye appealing pages!! Love the tutorial on screen captures, will be back to get it later when I do this!

Margie S (Nihao, Cupcake!) - Your month in review pages look great! I love how interesting your pages are – truly. Very pleasing to the eye. It took me a minute to notice that you didn’t have photos on your layout. Impressive that you are being so effective at capturing your life (almost a year later!) story without photos. Well done! Great tips on using social media as well. Thanks for posting!

admin - Thanks so much! Glad it could possibly help! : ) Thanks for saying hi!

admin - Thanks so much! Glad to know that the lack of photos wasn’t obvious. Im trying, yes, its almost been a year but I feel like its still important to document the past year. Thanks for commenting! Come back and visit! : )

Renvie Rulloda - hi, doll,

First let me just say that your Project Life looks amazing and is very inspiring. Quick question, did you have to buy the kit to get this project started? Just curious because I finally have time to organize the millions (ok maybe it’s only like 5,000 pictures) and I would love to get started on my very own Project Life.

Thank you so much in advance.

Renvie Rulloda

admin - Hi Renvie! Thanks SO much. Im glad it could inspire you, that makes this blog worth keeping up! For my 2011 album which is shown here – I only bought the page protectors and the grid cards from Amazon.com. Just look for “Project Life Becky Higgins page protectors. Right now the ones I got, Design A, are out of stock but will be back in stock in Feb. But if you want to get started now, I did this when I was waiting for my divided page protectors last year: I pick up some American Crafts 6 slot 4×6 protectors. I just put two journal cards in the middle slots and then once I got my protectors I switched everything over! Everything else is from my stash of stuff that I already had on hand.

Yes, I HIGHLY recommend doing your own project life, It has really helped me print out my photos, have a place for photos I already had, and Im taking more now too! Thanks for your comment, dont be a stranger and come back and tell me how you’re doing on your Project life!

Kim - What a great idea to zoom in to capture facebook/twitter posts. Can’t believe I didn’t think of it. Thanks so much for sharing! :-)

Chantel - Ok Theresa, you have totally inspired me! I want to see more of what you have done and I am totally going to start doing this! I am so tempted to go back through the last year as well. I am so excited about it! Thanks so much!

admin - Chantel – I am SO thrilled to hear that I’ve inspired you to start your own! You have just helped validate this blog : ) I will certainly be sharing more, I haven’t figured out a system or schedule yet because keeping up and making time for Project life is the priority but I will share as much as I can. I would definitely reccomend to go ahead and do last year, Im just as behind as you are for that and Im making it happen! What Im doing is keeping up with my current weeks and once Ive finished the most recent spread for this year I will work on a little bit from last year. Im just doing 2011 bits at a time but its working! And Im so proud of what I have so far. I cant wait to see yours!

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