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Project Life | 2012 – Week 1

Hello 2012!!

I am in denial that its the middle of the month already. This is going to be an incredible year and I am BEYOND excited to document all of the little moments along with the big, life changing ones. such as our wedding abroad!

I am still continuing to work on our 2011 album but Id like to stay caught up on 2012 first. Im going to do my best to update with the weekly spreads for 2012, to keep myself held accountable and make sure I am making time to DO them.  We will just see what happens as far as the 2011 album updates go.

I am pleased as punch with this album already and it’s only the first week! Here is the whole spread with an insert. The insert is one of the design D pages cut to fit what I needed. I will almost always cut my inserts, for some reason I don’t like them to be the same size as the rest of the week. If I don’t cut it then I fold it.

I learned from our 2011 album that my weeks just flow better with the date range card on the right side rather than on the left like the traditional project life layout. I am trying to make this as easy as possible so that I can get the weeks finished in the least amount of time so I can keep up with this project. Somehow there is just something lovely about being able to see which week this is at a glance. And that is why I chose to do the calendars with the current week circled like I did for 2011. These, however are more basic than my 2011 ones and were much faster to do. I had to create my own though, because most calendars go Sunday to Saturday. I just see my weeks as starting on Monday with the weekend together. I pre-made the first four months and went ahead and put them in each spread so that I’m all set.

I haven’t decided how I want to do the dates yet, I’m still stuck in whether or not I’ll use a date stamp.

I really love that Nicholas isnt putting up much of a fight with participating in our album. He actually took that photo of the ice on his car and I absolutely adore his handwritten stories in our book! His handwriting is something I already cherish so much, always have.

On the right, there are pull tabs for additional photos and journaling. I was trying not to over think how to fit it all into the spread and I really love things that are interactive. I’m trying to keep the inserts to a minimum so that I only have two volumes for the year since we’ll have our wedding book. Not our heirloom wedding photo album just the extra stuff and our honeymoon in a project life format. I figure that extras stuffed in the outside pockets will be okay since the albums are always big from the middle/inside.

So there it is, it’s not perfect but it’s done. I’m trying to keep my perfectionist habits locked up and far away from this album. I just want to get it done because anything I do is better than not doing anything at all. The ONLY reason why Im even using stuff other than the basic kit is because I have so much of it left from when I used to make scrapbooks. After its all gone – Ill most likely be using just the basic Project Life Kit.

I’ll be sharing my title page here soon and why its only temporary plus I’ll be talking a little bit about my plan for keeping up with the project and how Im organizing everything, etc. so stay tuned! : )
Are you doing project life? Tell me what your goals are for your album and show me yours, I’d love to see it!

Base supplies: project life clementine core kit, design A page protectorsdesign D page protectors, smash products, other misc stash.
If you have a question about anything I used, leave a comment and Ill reply! 

Not Familiar with Project Life? Learn more here.

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Sonya - I love your layout! I love that you cut down one of the sizes as an insert. I may be doing that at some point because I bought the big variety pack and while I love some of the designs a lot, I’m not using a few of the others. Cutting them down might give me new options.

admin - Thanks Sonya! I love cutting them down, I keep the scrap and just punch new holes in them to use those as well. I think it’ll be a great solution for the extra ones you wouldn’t use! : ) p.s. I added your blog to my google reader!

Chantel - Your week two looks so awesome, I love how you have the dates on the right hand side, that just seems right to me too.
I want to get started on 2012 asap so I don’t get behind, but I don’t have the page protectors yet, so my question is, for design a are the middle spaces sizes as 3*4 or 2.75*3.75? I don’t want to try to get ahead and then have to end up redoing it all.

sharon71 - Wow, what a great week, you have so much going on.

I like that your partner is participating too.

micayla - I just love what you have done here, so sweet.

admin - Chantel, The sizes are different, I think, in the new protectors that you’ll be able to order in February. The ones that I have I got last June and in those I cut my cards to be 2 7/8 by 3 7/8. For my new design D protectors, they are exactly 3×4 so that is what you’ll end up having. I think its GREAT that you are starting now without the protectors, its very doable, that is what I did last year while I was waiting for mine to arrive! : )

Wendy T. - Oooh, I love that calendar on your title card…great spread!!

Chantel - Awesome, thanks so much for your help Theresa!

jendcnguyen - Awesome PL! Love how you got your hubby involved in it. Mine keeps asking why I’m taking so many pictures of everything. LOL.

admin - Thanks Wendy and Jen! You’re welcome, Chantel! Jen, you made me lol! Thats funny. I think he got into it after days and days of me talking about how awesome this project will be for us in 20 years and even 5 years from now! He is sold on it and this week he has taken a photo each day so far! The journaling has been a little tougher to get him to do but Im just thankful he’s taking photos on his own initiative.

Theresa G. - Hi. I wandered over to your blog from Studio Calico. I’m late to the party, but I’m starting project life. Looking for ideas.
I did P365 back in 09, but I’m taking a different angle this year and not worrying too much about a picture a day. More about documenting the week. I’m doing Take 12 on the 12th as well.
I love how you are mixing up the photo sizes.

Chelsea - I absolutely love this! I want to start one ASAP. I quit scrapbookig because it was so much work so I like the simplicity of this! I had a question about how you do a couple things.. You said you made the little calendars.. Did you just design those on your computer and print them? Also, I saw that you use some Instagram photos and iPhone screenshots (which I love that idea to document the weather or a sweet text message). Since those are smaller than a normal 4×6, did you print those out yourself also? They look really great quality so I’m assuming you use more than just an ink jet printer for it.

Thanks for your help and inspiration!!

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