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Project Life | 2012 – Week 3

Yea, there was a little bit of a hiatus there. I cant promise I will keep this blog updated but I can promise I am doing my best to keep up with our Project life album. And that is the conclusion I came to – Id rather be using the time that would be spent updating the blog on actually working on our album instead. Besides, that means when I do have the time to update here…Ill have plenty to share!;)There’s always a mountain where there lies a valley.

But first…I wanted to give a little shout out to all of the wonderful people who have been leaving lovely comments here – it truly means so much that you let me know that you stopped by! I also wanted to thank Jamaica and Leena who were so sweet to mention me on their blogs and link back here. I am thrilled that this blog is doing its job at inspiring others in addition to allowing me to share our life with my Nana. who has been like my mom and just moved away from me for the first time in my entire life. She’s in Biloxi, MS…I’m in Florida. its been tough.

But I digress.

SO, here it is…week 3 of our brilliantly mundane life:)

Gym routines, Filing sales taxes, installing a new pur filter (which we’ve relied on heavily for over 5 years), modern love notes, #1000, rainy day love, movie watching class at USF, one of our isms as a couple and Mom’s birthday! A normal week for us…might be boring to most but I love it. I simply ADORE documenting our everyday life – this will never get old.

If you havent noticed yet, I am missing the dates on most of these. I am loving the clear day of the week stickers that came with the core kit but I am waiting on a date stamp that just came out. It isnt available for purchase yet but I will be going back to add date stamps to the past weeks once I get it in.

I LOVE that I was able to document one of my sweet texts that Nick sent me and the fact that he does this often. I would melt instantly if I saw something like this from my great grandparents when they were our age. The fact that its written down and kept in a safe place just gives me joy. That, paired with simple details about what we enjoy and what we do…accidentally documenting how different things will be compared to 20, 40, 60 years from now. This is our legacy.

I am unbelievably grateful to have found this project and that I have chosen to invest the time to do it. There’s no question I will be thanking my past self for keeping it up.

Our Project Life so far: Week 1, Week 2

I’m linking up with The Mom Creative and her Project Life Tuesday. Check it out for more inspiration…TONS of people are doing this insanely awesome project.
Not Familiar with Project Life? Learn more here.



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Helen - Love your pages. The photos of your Mum laughing are sooooo wonderful. Love the screenshots of your phone – will have to do this too. Thanks for the inspiration.

Nirupama - Love the time-versary thing, that is so sweet. My in-laws had something like that for a certain time too. If I had PL back then, maybe I would remember it! All of your bits are great actually. Can’t wait to see more.

Theresa Marie - @Helen – Thank you! Im glad you like them, they will be cherished for years! Yes, I find myself taking screenshots pretty often. Its the perfect display of our current technology. Thanks for stopping by!
@Nirupama – Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Yes, I certainly find myself saying the same thing – I wish I would have found project life a long time ago! I definitely have more to share so feel free to visit anytime!

Sarah Wilkinson - Your pages are fabulous. It is great to see handwriting when so many people have gone totally digital now. I am doing a mixture and think it will be cool for my kids (and maybe their kids) to look back and see handwriting.

Amanda - This week looks great! I can’t thank you enough for encouraging me to get on board and become a project lifer! My favorite photos has to be of N looking for intently on the PUR directions!

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