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Project Life | 2012 – We’re still in January

Regarding the title of this post: we’re still in January in sharing the album on the blog, that is. As promised, I’ve been doing my best to work on the album at home but since I have very little time afforded to do anything project life related, I chose to use that time to on the album instead of updating the blog. Im now working on budgeting my time to do both since I realized the value in having an online record in case anything should ever happen to our books AND because it has really touched me how much the few spreads I did share on here has inspired other people to do their own. And that is a HUGE reward. (I plan to chat a little more about that very soon)

So in the effort to update the blog with all of the spreads leading up to now, I will share two spreads and I will continue posting until we are all caught up. so stay tuned because that means frequent updates, I might even do a little video

This is the 4th week of 2012:

This is the 5th week of 2012:

Do you share your album anywhere online? If not, consider the option of having an online record of all your hardwork in case something unmentionable should occur. I shudder at the thought.
If so, share a link in the comments!

Our Project Life Album so far…
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