Courtney :: Arcadia Senior Class of 2016

Meet Courtney who drove 3 hours from Arcadia, FL for her senior shoot…

Modern Senior photography in Tampa Florida with Theresa MarieIN HER OWN WORDS:

“My family and I hesitated when it came to my senior pictures because we wanted my photos to have quality and life to them… We wanted to be able to look back in ten years and say, “Wow, this is exactly how I remember Courtney when she was younger.” I personally wanted to be able to feel something special when I looked at each picture. My family didn’t know of any senior photographers in our area so I started looking up “photographers near me” and TADA!, we found the lovely Theresa Marie. I started looking on the TM website and all of her beautiful work instantly caught my eye. Right then, I knew that my mom and I had to book my shoot.

My overall experience was out of this world. Everything was PERFECT. It was by far the best senior experience that I have had so far. My favorite part was how Theresa Marie and I instantly bonded. It felt like we had been friends for years, which made the shoot a little less nerve-racking. Another favorite was how insanely down to earth and goofy Theresa Marie was/is. I was cracking up the whole shoot and for that alone, I will remember this experience forever.

I wouldn’t have changed a thing… Except for maybe mother nature (i thought it was supposed to be cold in November, lol).

When I saw my images for the first time, they took my breath away (still do). I didn’t know that I could actually look so elegant and beautiful. I have no words to explain my reaction and the way the images made me feel. They were mind blowing and they were better than i could have ever imagined.

Choose Theresa Marie! Not only is she amazing, but her photography skills are also amazing. She has made my dream of having perfect senior pictures come true; as well as many other seniors I’m sure. Theresa Marie makes you feel like you matter, not just getting the right picture. She made sure my pictures were 110% me and she made sure I was comfortable all throughout the shoot and never once did I feel uncomfortable. Theresa Marie is the way to go. You won’t get better senior pictures anywhere else, I’m sure of it.”

All I can say is thank you SO much, Theresa Marie! My photos are phenomenal! I can honestly say that I never thought my pictures would turn out as well as they did, but they are better than i could have ever imagined. Every time I look at one of my pictures, I stand in disbelief because I never knew that I could look so beautiful… Thanks to you I have THE best senior pictures. I wouldn’t have changed a thing even if I could have. The pictures are beyond perfect! As for the experience, it will be remembered for a lifetime. Thank you, again! You’re the absolute best.”
Editorial senior pictures in Tampa with brick Natural senior photos downtown with Tampa senior photographer Theresa Marie

Who are your role models and why?
My mom because she has been through so much but still tends to find the good in the bad. & she is completely selfless; she puts everyone before herself because she cares so deeply about everyone.

What is your favorite book or magazine?
The Program series by Suzanne Young
On location senior photography in Tampa, Fl

What are your plans after graduation?
I plan on going to college and getting my Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN). 

my DREAM job would be:
Animal Rescuer during the day & coffee shop performer at night
senior photo downtown with Theresa Marie Photography in Tampa Tampa senior pics quaint downtown

my favorite high school memory is:
Volleyball games & going out to eat before home games with my team

one thing I couldnt live without:
My family

Urban senior photo in downtown Tampa with brick wall and pathway Senior photo in Tampa twirling in a dress downtown 5 things on my life bucket list are:
1. Go to Australia(possibly live there)
2. Own a sailboat & sail the world
3. Adopt a child
4. Meet Ed Sheeran
5. Marry my boyfriend and grow old and wrinkly with him

On location senior pictures on stairs in Tampa, Fl Editorial style senior photo in Tampa Florida with Theresa Marie senior photographer senior photo near architecture on steps in tampa

something I have too much of:

my favorite color is:

Botanical senior photo in tampa Natural senior pictures on the beach in Tampa Florida

mac or pc:

my favorite place to shop is:
American Eagle/The Mint Julep (online)

Senior pictures on the beach in Tampa florida at sunset Gorgeous photo of high school senior on the beach in Tampa florida with Theresa Marie Casual Senior Pictures on the beach with Theresa Marie in Tampa, Florida casual on location beach senior pics in Tampa near the water

my favorite snack foods are:
Outshine Pineapple popsicles; Takis; Fruit (mainly pineapple); Popped chips (ranch flavor)

TV show I’m currently addicted to:
Greys Anatomy

senior picture on the beach in Tampa with volleyball and palm trees high school senior picture laughing in the sand on Tampa beach

a movie that makes me happy:
Big Daddy

a movie that makes me cry:
American Sniper

Gorgeous photo of high school senior in the sand on the beach in Tampa Florida by Theresa Marie Destination senior pictures in the sand on the beach in Tampaif I inherited a million bucks today, I would:
Buy & payoff a house for my memaw; Buy a sailboat, to sail the world after college; Put the rest in the bank until I got ready to make buy a house & make a family

Beach Senior pictures on the rocks at sunset in Tampa Bay with Theresa Marie Photographer

Style Study: Julia

The kind of study you actually want to read about! We’re interviewing our most stylish seniors for details and advice on choosing wardrobe for your senior photo shoot.

Subject: Julia L.
High School: South Portland High School, Maine

Styled senior pictures with Theresa Marie in St. Petersburg FloridaEditorial styled senior photos in St. Petersburg Florida with Theresa Marie PhotographySmocked-off the shoulder top: Hollister / Medium wash jean shorts: American Eagle / shoes: Ralph Lauren Charla Espadrilles / Bracelet+Necklace: Hollister

Photographer’s notes: why it works…
I was thrilled when I saw Julia’s top and then she brought out those shoes! This style of top and the colors are really versatile to go with many settings and royal and navy blue photograph so beautifully. I love the subtle texture that playfully complements the pattern. She made such a great choice with a necklace that doesn’t compete with the neckline of the top; it falls right above and below while offering lots of detail in the layers. I absolutely LOVED her bracelet and ring pairing, they all worked together really well and with the whole ensemble. Finally, you just can’t go wrong with wedges!

Q+A with Julia

What made you choose this outfit for your shoot?
I wanted something casual, but pretty and unique. And I really loved the colors.

What did you love about this outfit? How did you feel wearing it?
I absolutely loved my shirt and shoes the most, the off the shoulder blouse made me feel beautiful. The shoes were comfortable and adorable. The outfit itself made me feel comfortable and good about myself.

Do you have any tips to share for shopping/prepping for a senior shoot:
My tips would be to choose an outfit that is casual and comfortable but is unique and beautiful in its own way. Take your time while choosing your outfits because senior pictures will be seen forever. You want to love your outfit every time you look back at the pictures. Theresa was also amazing putting my outfits together and recommending certain outfits for certain locations.



Style Study: Lauren

The kind of study you actually want to read about! We’re interviewing our most stylish seniors for details and advice on choosing wardrobe for your senior photo shoot.

Subject: Lauren W. 
High School: East Lake High School




Photographer’s notes: why it works…
Layers are my favorite and a hood to frame your face is dreamy for any portrait. Blue is one of the best colors to photograph, it really pops and looks amazing in almost any surrounding, especially when it brings out your eyes like it does for Lauren. I love the urban simplicity of her grey tee, typography is so elegantly understated. And finally, the long necklace is PERFECT to give something for your hands to do and Lauren nailed it!!




dark blue jeans: American Eagle / red top: Marshalls / vintage brown booties: Pay less / Pearl & Heart Necklace: Icing

Photographer’s notes: why it works
I really love the subtle layers that Lauren’s top has at the bottom. I about freaked when I saw those mad men-esque brown booties! This whole look had an intellectual vibe, especially with her black frame glasses. They gave her something to do with her hands and made for a cute detail when we took them off.



Dark Blue Jeans: American Eagle / pink floral top: Tj Maxx / light pink knitted sweater: Tj Maxx / Pearl & Heart Necklace: Icing / Nude Pumps: Payless

Photographer’s notes: why it works…
Hello girl next door! Lauren did such a great job pairing these tones, I mean, EVEN HER NAILS MATCH! <insert heart eyes emoji here> This look is so comfortable yet classy. I LOVE the texture of her knit sweater; how we were able to give her hands something to do by pulling it closed (which again, she nailed) and how it flowed down past her blouse and hugged her body. Her pearl necklace adds interest, subtle details do so much for an image. Then her classic nude heels top everything off to really dress up the jeans. 


What made you choose these outfits for your shoot?
I wanted ensembles that displayed not only the different parts of my wardrobe but my quirky personality as well. The first outfit wasn’t actually planned! I wore it to the studio for hair and make up and TM loved it and wanted to work with it, so we did! I wanted to choose clothing that was fashionable and super cute but modest as well. I am a huge advocate for modesty and inner beauty so it was essential for me to pick outfits that not only expressed my personality and highlighted my natural features but preserved my values as well.

What did you love about these outfits? How did you feel wearing them?
To be totally honest, I adored these outfits because I felt like me and it was great! These ensembles are ones that I would wear on a daily basis so it was really awesome to embrace my style in a “trend setting” way haha. Primarily, I loved that these outfits were comfy! I tend to describe my style and Cute n’ Comfy and thats exactly what it was. I really loved that each outfit had a central color piece like the blue jacket or red top that really made the look pop!

Do you have any tips to share for shopping/prepping for a senior shoot:
Well, my first piece of advice is to not break your bank buying all new clothes. I personally didn’t spend a cent on any new clothes; but I did invest in some hair spray (I seriously have the straightest hair ever haha). You already have your best looks in your closet so design some outfits and hold a mini fashion show for your mom! (I guarantee she’ll love it) And by the way Theresa is not only a bomb photographer but an amazing stylist as well, she has a fantastic eye for fashion and can help you class up any look! My second piece of advice in prepping for a shoot would be to embrace spontaneity. Don’t panic about trying to get every location or worry about the weather. Some of my best shots were last minute/random idea shots! So relax and fun!


Terese :: Steinbrenner Class of 2016

Meet Terese who graduated from Steinbrenner High School with the class of 2016…

Fashionable Senior pictures in Clearwater, Florida


“I chose Theresa Marie because I didn’t want my pictures to look so staged and tacky like they do when you get them done in front of the screens. I had an amazing time and loved every part of it. I felt like a princess and was completely comfortable. Getting to meet Theresa Marie was my favorite part, we clicked right away and she made it so much fun! When I first saw my images, I was shocked! I couldn’t believe it was me, I looked amazing!

I wouldn’t change anything about my experience! I had so much fun! The only thing I would change would be having more time to take pictures because it was so much fun! I would tell other seniors how sweet and kind Theresa Marie is! She makes you feel comfortable right away and her pictures are amazing! It’s the best experience I’ve ever had!

Doing my senior pictures with Theresa Marie was the best thing I did all senior year! She made me feel so special and comfortable in front of the camera! My pictures turned out amazing and I know they’ll be something I will treasure forever! I wish I could do this again!”

Modern Senior pictures in Clearwater, Florida with Senior photographer Theresa MarieAmazing senior photographers in ClearwaterMy role models are:
My mother because she is very caring and loving to me no matter what. My Grandpa because he came here not knowing Spanish and became very successful.

Country styled high school senior pictures in Clearwater, FloridaGraduation pictures taken in Downtown Clearwater, Florida for high school senior

The THEME SONG to my life is:
Dirt Road Prayer by Lauren Alaina

If I had to listen to ONE station on Pandora until the end of time it would be:
Top Country

Awesome senior photographers in Clearwater, FloridaModern Senior pictures in Clearwater, Florida with Senior photographer Theresa Marie5 things on my life bucket list are:
1. Have children
2. get married
3. get a tattoo
4. travel around Europe
5. join a sorority

Fall Styled senior pictures in Clearwater, Floridafun senior photos of class of 2016 high school senior in downtown Clearwater, Florida

my favorite snack foods are:

one thing I couldn’t live without:
My family

Editorial senior photos in downtown Clearwater with Theresa Marie PhotographyOn-location senior pictures in Clearwater Florida with Theresa Marie Photography

My favorite book and magazines are:
To Kill a Mockingbird, Cosmo, People

TV show I’m currently addicted to:
Big Brother

he BEST high school senior photographer in Clearwater, floridaModern Senior pictures in Clearwater, Florida with Senior photographer Theresa Mariemy favorite place to shop is:

if I inherited a million bucks today, I would:
Pay off my siblings college dept and invest it and donate some to charity

Glamour high school senior pictures with Clearwater Photographer Theresa Marie

a movie that makes me happy:

a movie that makes me cry:

Glamour high school senior pictures with Photographer Theresa MarieBeautiful senior portraits in Clearwater, Florida with Theresa Marie Photographymy favorite color is:
Mint green

Styled beach senior pictures with Theresa Marie in Clearwater, Florida

my favorite high school memory is:
Relay for Life

my DREAM job would be:
Pre K 3 teacher

Stylish high school senior pictures on Clearwater Beach in Florida with Theresa MarieGorgeous photo of high school senior in the sand on the beach in Clearwater with Tampa Photographer Theresa Marie